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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fast Weight Loss Solution Before Your Wedding Day

Worrying about your body shape and wondering about the fastest way to get the slimmer look before your W-Day without taking in any diet supplements or pills?

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. Not only do you have to worry about your guests, the food, the decorations, the reception and more - you also have to worry about just how you’re going to look when everyone watches you walk down the isle.

The truth is just about all brides worry about how they’re going to look on that special day, and all try to lose weight and try all types of diets, not just you.

But if you’ve found the perfect dress, and want to make sure it’s going to fit you perfectly, then you might be putting pressure on yourself to lose weight. It’s not good to be stressed coming up to your wedding day!

~Different Ways of Losing Weight Before Your Big Day~

Thankfully, there are natural ways to lose weight healthily before the big day. Of course, dieting and exercise are important, but if you need a natural boost to help shed the pounds that little bit faster then a natural Slim Weight Patch could do the magic.

The number one reason that people fail at dieting is because the diets are just too demanding to keep up with. You may even be trying to take natural supplements but just forget to take them at the right time every day, which is where weight loss patches come in, helping you to take the pressure off by avoiding fad diets.

These are simply sticky patches that give your body the nutrients it needs to burn off fat. By choosing a natural weight loss patch, such as the Slim Weight Patch, you’ll be feeding your body with ingredients such as guarana, flaxseed oil, yerba mate and more - all clinically proven to help you lose weight faster.

Why Choose Slim Weight Patch?

Slim Weight Patch is fast becoming the number one weight loss supplement for brides simply because it’s so easy to use! However, the real benefits come in the results:

Try SlimWeightPatch now......

Most importantly, Slim Weight Patch will not produce any side effects, which is essential when you need to both look and feel your best for your big day! Slim Weight Patch

Features of Slim Weight Patch 

• 45mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii per patch (same as 1200mg in pill form) 
• Clinically proven to work 
• Free shipping worldwide 
• See results from the first week of using the product 
• Backed by medical specialists 
• Alternative to pill form 
• Suitable for vegetarians 

So How Exactly Does Slim Weight Patch Works

Most drugs are taken orally and dosage intervals may be inconvenient. Some drugs are partly destroyed or neutralized in the stomach, intestine or liver before reaching the bloodstream. Accordingly, a higher dose is needed to ensure efficacy, which in turn may increase the risk of side effects.

Doctors around the world are calling transdermal patches "the delivery system of the future" because it has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin. The reason for this is when supplements are delivered transdermally, they are absorbed directly into the blood stream, initially bypassing the liver, stomach and intestine. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplement getting to the cells where they are needed. *

Slim Weight Patches work by excreting its ingredients through the skin into the bloodstream, where they start to work.

Product Properties
Conversely, studies have shown when some substances are taken orally, as little as 5% makes it to the cells where they are needed. This is because of the stomach, liver and digestive system excreting and discarding much of the substances taken orally.

Directly from the ocean to the lab and packaged in a sterile environment; Slim Patch contains Fucus Vesiculosus, or Fucus for short, a brown alga that is found on the North Sea coast, the western Baltic coast, and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts (Medical Econ., 1998). Fucus contains many extracts, the most important of which is iodine. The thyroid gland uses iodine to make it's thyroid hormone. Once iodine levels are increased in the body, as the patch does, the effect is an increase in thyroid hormone production leading to increased metabolism as reported in the American Thyroid Assn., 1996. This increase metabolism has the potential to initiate weight loss without a change in a dieter's eating habits. It is this last point that makes Fucus products so appealing to people who want to lose weight without giving up their favorite foods.

Just one patch a day and the pounds come off. Patch technology and Transdermal technology is going to completely change our world. You have heard of nicotine patches and the popular hormone replacement patch. New developments are on the market for birth control patches, fever patches and even diabetic patches.

Slim Weight Patch
In customer testimonials supplied to Roduve, it was found that most people lose from 2 to 4 lbs. per week using this weight loss patch. There have been cases reported of as much as 6-lbs. weight loss in one week.

Healthy Foods That Will Keep You ENERGIZED

If you're on a fat loss diet plan, one of the things that you may be struggling with on an ongoing basis is trying to stay energized. It's no secret that energy levels do tend to drop down when consuming fewer calories due to the fact that your body has less fuel than it would like. But, the good news is that if you choose your foods wisely, you can increase your energy levels back up again so that you feel great as you move along with your diet.

Let's have a look at the top energizing foods that you should be consuming.


Since carbohydrates are the primary source of preferred energy by the body, you want to avoid cutting them completely out of your diet. Instead, simply choose smarter, slower digesting sources of carbohydrates that won't spike your blood glucose levels and cause an energy high followed by a crash.

The perfect food to help you accomplish this is oatmeal, which can be prepared a number of different ways. Oatmeal is high in fiber, low in sugar, and only takes minutes to cook. A half cup serving (raw) only provides 180 calories total as well, so it's easily added to almost any diet plan.

Egg Whites

The next food to be eating on your diet to help increase energy levels and ensure that you maintain your lean muscle mass is egg whites. Egg whites are great since they're very low in calories at only 15 calories per white and contain strictly protein content. Since getting enough protein is important for muscle repair and rebuilding, which then ensures that you feel energized after hard workout sessions, meeting your daily requirements is a must. Egg whites make this easy.


Next up on the list is salmon. Like egg whites, salmon is also a very rich source of protein, but in addition to that, it's also full of healthy fats. Healthy fats are good to have in a fat loss diet in moderation because they are going to provide a longer term source of energy that you need. Salmon should be eaten at least twice per week on any diet plan, so have a look over your current menu and make sure it's making an appearance.


Bananas are another great choice for when you're trying to increase your energy levels. Bananas are a very rich source of potassium, which is a micronutrient that is vital for proper energy levels in the body. If you aren't getting enough potassium in your daily diet it is quite normal to experience higher levels of fatigue, so you really want to focus on getting plenty of fresh produce, the primary source of potassium in the diet.One banana a day will go a long way towards helping you meet your needs.


Finally, last but not least, don't overlook quinoa. Quinoa is another healthy source of carbohydrate that will supply the body with long lasting energy and is also a complete source of protein as well. For anyone who is using a vegetarian diet this tends to be far superior to having brown rice instead.

So there you have some of the top foods that you'll want to turn to in order to boost your energy levels and feel good while you're on your fat loss diet. Don't overlook the benefits that fat loss supplements can provide as well as you go about your diet. When you already have your healthy diet in place, these really can take your progress up to the next level.

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Easy Five Exercises To A Slender LEGS This Summer

Are you on the quest to get a slimmer lean legs? If so, you are not alone girl. One of the top goals of many women who are going in the gym is to get a lean set of legs that they can feel proud to sport in a pair of shorts or a skirt for the summer.

If you want to make sure that you're on the right track to get lean legs, it's going to be vital that you're taking the time to learn the best leg slimming exercises out there and then taking the time to add them to your fitness plan.

Let's have a quick look over the top 5 moves that you should consider so that you can achieve this goal in record time. 


The first move that's great for helping to lengthen the legs and add a more defined appearance is lunges. Lunges are fantastic since not only will they work the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, but they'll also target your core as it contracts to help you maintain balance.

Perform these walking all the way across a room and back, doing two sets each workout.


Squats are the next movement that will really help you get lean legs in a hurry.  Squats are also a compound movement so will target every single muscle in the lower body and in addition to that, they're also one of the best strength developers.

By adding a bit more lean muscle mass to your frame, you'll increase your total daily calorie burn and therefore have a much easier time shedding the fat.

~Rear Leg Raises~

Moving over to rear leg raises, these are perfect for any woman who wants to firm up her backside as they'll target the muscles specifically surrounding the bum region.

Since you aren't lifting any weights when doing rear leg raises either, you'll get toning benefits without any increase in size.

~Uphill Walking~

Uphill walking is another great exercise that you should include in your workout program when doing your cardio training.

Not only will uphill walking burn off as many calories as fast paced running would, but it's really going to challenge your lower body muscles as well.
For anyone who suffers from back pain these are also a perfect alternative since they'll be much lower impact than running would be. 


Finally, last but not least, don't overlook deadlifts.  Deadlifts are great for firming your rear side and will also help to strengthen the lower back and core muscles as well.

When performing your deadlifts you really want to think of squeezing up from the glutes only, ensuring that you are using the bum muscles to perform the movement rather than using the lower back instead.

Also be sure when executing the rising phase of this movement that you do maintain that flat back position as this is what will ensure that you aren't at risk for developing lower back pain.

So there you have five great exercises that you should consider adding to your lower body workout program. If you can do these three days per week, you are going to be one step closer to that set of lean legs you're looking for.

Don't forget to also pair these exercises with a good diet plan as well as a proper appetite suppressant such as Phen 375, as this will ensure that you're looking at the total picture as far as fat loss is concerned. 


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Need Appetite Suppresant For Weight Loss? Try HOODIA

What is HOODIA?

The Kalahari Desert in southern Africa is a harsh environment that is home to the Bushmen people.  It is always a struggle to stay alive in conditions of temperature extremes (blistering hot by day, freezing at night), scant water, and scarcity of game that are found in this challenging region.  Hunger is often a common condition with these people, but they discovered a way to suppress the pangs when on a hunting expedition, and this was to chew on the pulp from the stems of the Hoodia plant.   

Hodia Gordonii
There are quite a few different Hoodias, but the one used to prepare appetite suppressant supplements is Hoodia gordonii, which is found throughout the region of southern Africa.  Although this Hoodia looks quite a bit like a cactus, right down to a spiky exterior, it is actually a succulent.  It was probably hunger that drove the Bushmen at some point to try eating what would otherwise not look like a very palatable plant, especially since the flowers smell like rotten meat.  Undoubtedly, after a desperate experiment, it was found that the hunger pains abated and the people in the group were able to continue in their search for food more comfortably.  Hoodia gordonii may help suppress thirst.

During an anthropological expedition to the Kalahari Desert in 1937, it was discovered by the European researcher that the objects of his study, the Bushmen, used Hoodia to suppress their hunger.  It was not until several decades later, however, that research into this succulent really began into the potential of this plant to aid with weight loss.  Experiments with animals did seem to yield positive results, and further testing isolated an ingredient called P57.  Although it was thought at first that Hoodia was simply broken down by the body’s metabolism, it has since been discovered that it will enter the bloodstream, allowing it to act on the brain’s chemistry.

Although the benefits of Hoodia in appetite suppression and weight reduction have not been subjected to rigorous scientific trials, investigation into the qualities of this plant is ongoing.   Experiments with rats have shown that those animals that were given Hoodia did eat less than those that were not.  It is thought that the active ingredient in Hoodia, P57, does affect the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to cause suppression of the appetite.  Breaking the cycle of continuous hunger and cravings while dieting is one of the most important steps to losing weight, and it is thought that Hoodia supplements could help with sensible weight loss.  Informal trials with people who need to lose weight have shown that those who were given Hoodia rather than a placebo did eat less.  

What are the Benefits of HOODIA?

One of the worst things about dieting is what might be called the dieter’s obsession with food.  Not only do you have to measure, weigh, and analyze nearly everything that you put into your mouth, but you also have to deal with the hunger and cravings that a restrictive diet results in.  How easy will it be for anyone to confine themselves to 1,000 calories or less every day, especially if they have been eating 3 or 4 times as much?  It is really no wonder that so many diet programs do not work, and leave the person not only depressed over another failure, but often even heavier than when they began.

How many people have wished that they could somehow just turn off their hunger?  While there is no magic wand to wave to do this, you might find that hoodia may help to suppress your feeling of hunger while you diet.  This South African succulent could be the answer to hunger pangs and cravings.  The reason why hoodia seems able to do this is because of a substance in this plant, P57, which acts on the part of the brain that controls appetite.  Basically, hoodia gordonii does seem to ‘flip a switch’ to turn off feelings of hunger.

The search for a reasonable and safe way to lose weight has become more focused since the removal of several dangerous diet products from the market.  Suppressing the appetite is an excellent way to deal with hunger while dieting because if you do not feel hungry, you will not be tempted to eat.  Taking a hoodia supplement before meals will keep your portion reasonable, and you will feel full while eating less.

Many diet plans are a combination of caloric restrictions and exercise.  When you are using hoodia you can certainly exercise to maximize your weight loss, but it is not really necessary at all.  If you are too busy to work out, you may find that hoodia gordonii could help you lose weight without exercising.

Overeating does not just entail piling up food on your plate at mealtimes; it also involves eating nearly every waking minute.  If you are used to munching on a snack while watching television or a film or while reading a book, you are simply adding to your caloric load for the day.  Some people also overeat in response to emotional needs such as dealing with stress or worry.  Hoodia could also help with eating problems such as these – you just will not have the desire to pick at a bag of corn chips or open another box of chocolates. 

Make sure that the hoodia product that you choose is actually hoodia gordonii.  Hoodia gordonii comes from a fairly large family of succulents, but seems to be the only one with the ability to suppress appetite.  Remember to drink adequate amounts of water while taking hoodia as it not only suppresses appetite, but thirst as well.

Recommending this product brand - 100% Pure Hoodia from Kalahari region in South Africa; 100% Hoodia Gordonii not an extract; Contains no fillers or additives:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beach Surfing 101: Learn Surfing Techniques

Want to learn the best start on how to surf? It's summertime and all we want is fun fun fun in the beaches. And one of the high-end activities is surfing your way along the beach shores. However, this can be a dangerous sport to hang on and you must need to know the basics before getting started. For your convenience, enumerated below are amongt the things you have to bear in mind before your kick-off.


  • This is a must-have for surfers, without this well just get your tan out in the sun. 
  • Selecting surfboard is considered to be critical for anyone who is  scouting for the best piece.
  • Initially target smaller surf and less crowded surf locations as this will give you time to learn without serious wipe-out's and upsetting the established surfers.
  • Consider your body statistics - common mistake is selecting a surfboard that is too short or thin to accommodate your weight and or surfing ability.
  • Ideally a minimal or longboard is the easiest to learn to surf on but if your hearts set on a short board go for one with a bit of length and width as this will get you into the waves earlier.
  • As your surfing ability improves the length of board can be reduced to allow for more radical surfing.


  • Timing is everything in surfing, and perfecting this takes time, but a good way to practice is to bodysurf, try and catch the wave before it breaks you will feel the natural rhythm of the waves as they roll towards the beach.
  • Ideally you want to catch the wave well before it breaks getting to your feet as soon as you feel the momentum taking you.
  • Once up initially you will just go straight towards the beach and the key here is not to nose dive (sink the front of your board) this is where foot placement and balance adjustment comes in.
  • Your back foot should be over the back fins and the front foot about half way down the board and in the centre.
  • Once you feel the wave take you and your up on your feet then it's all about leaning forward or backwards to adjust for a clean plane through the wave avoiding falling off the back or nose diving. You will get a feel for this fairly quickly.


  • Once you have mastered surfing straight to the beach, it's time to move on to the fun part, riding the wave.
  • Depending on your stance you can surf right or left, but let's use right foot over the fins as a guide.
  • The natural stance and the natural direction is surfing to the right along the wave instead of directly to the beach.
  • The angle you will be surfing is the same angle as the natural flow of the wave in the right hand direction and this opens up and whole lot of opportunities for fun.
  • Initially just go with the natural angle and you will experience the speed rush as you accelerate with the wave
  • As you get more comfortable you can move up and down the wave face carving and playing with the wave face.

As you go along with these basic techniques, next stage is understanding the pocket of the wave, the lip and the bottom turn. That is if you have mastered the basics!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Swimsuit Tips For Miscurvy Summer Get-Aways

Looking for swim wears that will fit your bootylicious body? Or better yet, will fit to curve your not so impressive and obvious humps and bumps excesses. No need to worry now because the perfect swimsuit for you does exist, and it may not even be very difficult to find. Regardless of size or figure, you can be ultimately flattered and displayed in the right swimsuit.  The summer season is coming to town, so be updated and keep these figure guidelines do's and dont's in mind while shopping for the perfect swimsuit for you.

Small Busts  
  • For ladies with undersized busts or should i say not well-endowed, the secret to looking attractive in a swimsuit can also be found in bra-style support.  Hidden underwires will lift and shape the busts so to add curves to the bust, try a bikini top with triangle-shaped cups or a tie-front.  Triangle cups will add shape and curve to small breasts while a tie-front will lift and shape a small bust even more.  
  • In general, women with small busts should avoid bandeau-style bikini tops.  Bandeau tops tend to minimize and flatten the breasts.
        D O N T 's  !!
Bandeau Tops

                                     D O ' s =) where to find see here

Triangle-shaped tops

                                                            D O 's =) where to find see here
Tie-front Tops

Large Busts
  • For the overly-endowed women, having a large busts often makes it difficult to find a swimsuit that offers enough support in the top.  It seems that the swimsuits that do offer the appropriate amount of support often look too mature. Good enough,  most swimsuit manufacturers now offer bra-style support in their swimsuits, an absolute must for minimizing and flattering large breasts.  
  • Another way to find an attractive swimsuit for a big bust is to look for a one-piece swimsuit or bikini top with a hidden underwire.  An underwire will lift the bust, giving it the support it needs.  
  • Also, look for a suit with a straight across cut at the top and wide-set straps.  To avoid looking matronly, find a bikini or swimsuit in a pretty, young, pastel color.
D O ' s =) see here
one-piece swimwear

                                            D O 's =) see here
wide-set straps

 Plus Size
  • While all women feel somewhat self-conscious in a skin-baring swimsuit, women who wear plus sizes often feel that they will never find a good swimsuit fit for their unique bodies.  However, these women often have the sexiest curves to show off in a swimsuit.  
  • To accentuate and flatter curves in a plus size body, try pairing a light colored, waist-defining tankini top with more subdued bikini bottoms.  
  • Choosing a swimsuit with a high percentage of Lycra or spandex and a high-cut leg will actually shave 10 pounds off of your appearance.  
  • To slim and shape the stomach, make sure tankini tops and bottoms meet.  This will prevent any unsightly stomach bulges.

D O 's click image to see details
Halter Tankini

                                                            D O 's  click image to see details
Empire Swimwear

Pear Shapes
  • Women with pear-shaped body usually have a combination of a relatively small upper body with large hips and thighs.  It's very fortunate that there are plenty of flattering swimsuit options exist for women with pear shapes.  
  • The ultimate secret to finding a sexy swimsuit for any type of body is to flatter and display appealing characteristics while drawing eyes away from less desirable characteristics.  For women with pear shapes, the best swimsuit or bikini entails a flashy top with plenty of eye-grabbing detail combined with more subdued bottoms.  
  • Try a one-piece swimsuit or bikini with a halter-top to widen the shoulders.  Pair this top with dark, high-spandex bottoms with high-cut legs.  High-cut legs tend to slim the hips and thighs.
  D O ' s  view here
1-pc halter neck

                                             D O 's view here
leopard bikini

Short or Long Torso
  • Women having either short or long torsos often have a difficult time shopping for swimsuits. Torso length is one of the most important factors to consider when finding the right fit in a swimsuit, and swimsuit manufacturers seem to concentrate their efforts largely upon women with "normal" length torsos.
  • To either lengthen or shorten the appearance of the torso in a swim suit, the key is getting the right cut on the legs.  
  • For women with short torsos, try finding a bikini with low-rise bottoms that sit just on the hips. The low-rise bottoms will show as much midsection skin as possible. 
  • On the otherhand, women with long torsos should try a tankini with bottoms that sit a little higher on the hips.  The tankini top will break up a long torso while the higher bottoms will lengthen the legs.

   D O ' s   see here
low-rise bottoms bikini

                                              D O ' s view here
one shoulder swimsuit with higher bottoms

Boy Shapes
  • Thinking of having no shape to accentuate in a swimsuit? .. you may have a boy shape.  To gain more JLo style curviness, try a one-piece swimsuit with a low, plunging neckline.  The top of the suit should gather to add shape and curve to the bust and shoulders. 
  • To emphasize curves in the hips, try a high-cut leg that sits just above the hipbone.  This type of cut will make the legs seem longer and curvier.  
  • However, if you would like to embrace your boy shape, try pairing triangle-shaped bikini cups with short boy shorts.  Boy shorts are incredibly popular but look attractive on only a small percentage of women; women with boy shapes make up the majority of this small percentage.

  D O 's   view here
short boy shorts

                                           D O 's view here
3-pc with boy shorts